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Especially You Beauty Therapy

Lash and Brow Treatments

Eyelash Extensions

Classic lash extensions are applied using a specialist 1-on-1 technique to create stunning results. *

Full set

 Up to 2 hours


Mini infills

30 mins


2-3 week infills

1 hour


3-4 week infills

1 hour 15 mins


Russian volume lash extensions use a specialist technique of applying fans of 2 or more lashes to each individual natural eyelash to create full, fluffy, textured eyelashes. *

Full set

2 hours 30 mins


2-3 week infills

1 hour 15 mins


3-4 week infills

1 hour 30 mins


Brow Lamination

A gentle perming technique to control and reshape the eyebrow hairs, giving brows a groomed, fuller and fluffier look.

For the best results we recommend the full brow treatment; lamination, tinting and shaping of the brow. *

Recommended treatment 

1 hour


Lamination alone

Up to 45 mins


Lash Lifting

A perming technique is used to lift the eyelashes giving the look of longer lashes with an eye opening curl. *

Lash lift and tint

1 hour


Lash lift

45 mins



Specialist tint for use on the face to enhance and define brows and lashes. *

Brow tint


Lash tint


Lash and brow tint


Lash tint, brow tint and brow wax